Colorado stoke

So happy to be heading back to Colorado in less than 24 hours! Marius and I spent all evening talking about what climbs we wanted to do and what gear »

"Perfecting Pixels"

I'm so happy to announce the new look of my blog! And if you weren't familiar with how this blog looked previously, it was even more minimalist looking than what »

To explore is to love

On a previous post, I mentioned that I'm in a perpetual state of wanderlust, never missing my hometown, but always missing the feeling of not seeing or exploring new places »


Great news! I don't have (skin) cancer! Just came back from the doctor this morning and it looks like I still have to get the mole checked regularly by a »


I plan to visit the walk-in clinic tomorrow morning at my local hospital to get this cancerous looking mole checked on my leg. It's very weird in texture, changes colors »


I attended a blogger event last night which was conveniently at my work because hey we're in the business of blogging. The topic was about creating your own personal branding »